Gale Force Gospel



My membership of GFG gives me a feeling of belonging 😀.

I love learning new songs and practising them, especially with the other members, to make lovely sounds, harmonies and atmospheres that express our humanity.

I greatly value the way that our song leader, Ben, shares his knowledge and skills with the singers and the choir responds. 😀


I love gospel music and was super nervous about attending a choir as I don’t read music, but I turned up and was able to join in and sing straightaway.  I’ve loved it."

"I’m not even sure I’m very good at singing, but at the choir I’m part of a collective who just loves to sing and combine their voices with the most uplifting music.


Singing our four part, a cappella arrangements together in exquisite harmony, is a highlight of each and every week for myself and I gather, most others in our choir.  The essence of our songs reflect hope, joy and peace, a call for justice and speak to a part of ourselves yearning for connection to and with others.

Some members follow a path of faith and belief, but many do not and it doesn’t seem to matter. The experience appeals at an empathetic, emotional level that transcends religion and faith.

We arrive at 6pm on a Monday, often tired and world weary, but always leave uplifted and happier a couple of hours later.


I’ve never sung in a choir, but during lockdown i joined an online choir, which promoted my search for a choir in Wellington.

I felt very welcome at Gale Force Gospel from the beginning, first trying singing with the altos, then finding myself in the sopranos.

Every week our practices are so uplifting and I’ve gained much more confidence. I enjoy being part of a great bunch of people and our musical director Ben is a legend.


I love to sing in choirs, ever since I was about ten. Having Ben as a director is awesome. He is both proficient and gracious.

"Singing in Gale Force isn’t difficult as we all help each other along and the atmosphere of encouragement is wonderful. There isn’t even much stress around performances either, love it!


Being part of the Gale Force Gospel Choir is one of the most pleasurable parts of my week. 

The singing frees my spirit and feeds my soul. 

I enjoy learning the songs by heart and not having to remember to bring along folders of music or words. We are very ably led and the company is great. 

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