We are a secular community choir in Wellington, New Zealand who love singing a cappella gospel music!

We are an inclusive choir that welcomes all singers without audition, regardless of previous experience, gender, religion, or cultural background.

We primarily sing arrangements of gospel songs collected from the Southern United States by New Zealand song leader Tony Backhouse.

If you are interested in singing in a friendly supportive environment, details are on our joining page.

Last night of Term 3 is 21 September - and it's a Zoom Session

Term 4 begins 12th Oct - we hope to be back to level 1

We felt very privileged to be able to begin practices again while we were at Lockdown Level One while so many choirs around the world were still unable to sing together in the same room.

 We are happy to be able to offer two different choir experiences depending on lockdown level:

  • Level One - In the Room, at St Andrews on the Terrace
  • Level Two & above - On Zoom (on your computer or device)

If you’d like to sing with Gale Force Gospel, either when we are In the Room or On Zoom, check out the details on our JOIN page.